My Big Move to Norwich, Norfolk

Soooo… Those of you who already follow me on Facebook know that 2019 is a year of big changes for me. A few months ago I left my beautiful and cozy photo studio in Lincolnshire and moved to Norwich, Norfolk with my hubby, 3 kids, and 3 rabbits. The change was hard, but in no way I regret it. Norwich has turned out just how I imagined it from my two short trips here – lovely in every aspect and with loads of beautiful places perfect for photoshoots.
After settling my babies at new schools and nurseries, I took my time to explore new city and surrounding wedding venues and, boy, Norwich did not disappoint.
Due to the move, I cut the number of weddings I took for 2020, as I didn’t know where I will be until the very last moment. So, I do still have some dates available for the 2020 season and currently booking weddings for 2021-22. Since I will have fewer weddings than usual – the ones I do have will get double (if not triple) of my attention and care.
I am still looking for that perfect place for my new photo studio, but I have a feeling that I am pretty close to finding one.
So, this is literary me saying hi to all the new people and my new life! Norwich, I think I am in love!
Photos of Jade & Ash to help your Autumn mood get better:

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