Cambridge Wedding Photographer, Double Tree Hotel Hilton

Cambridge is one of my most favourite cities in UK. So I never ever could resist the temptation to shoot a wedding there. Especially if it includes punting down the river!
While walking towards Tim during the ceremony at Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Cambridge, Natalia was crying with happiness, but as soon as she reached her husband to be, he immediately made her laugh and made sure she continued to have fun till the very last minute of their Big Day. Now, that’s what love is for me.
And now a bit about me – that was the wedding that I shot when I was 8,5 months pregnant. Within the first hour I managed to fall into a huge flower bed and due to being a huge round ball, couldn’t get out (while all the guest were watching me) without my second shooter’s help (thank you, Pablo, soooo much!). Most. Embarassing. Moment. Ever.

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